Growing melon in the house: Unexpected effect

MSc Tran Le Vinh (lecturer of Tien Giang University) has studied and applied the drip irrigation system in combination with investing in a membrane to successfully cultivate melon.
Realizing that the model of melon planting brings high economic efficiency, so from 1,000 m² of initial test land, till now Ths. Vinh has expanded its melon cultivation area to 3,000 m².
Noticing that recently, the movement of growing melon in the province has developed quite strongly, the consumer market is constantly expanding, MSc. Vinh decided to rent 1,000 m² of farmland in Nam hamlet, Long Hung commune, Chau Thanh district to plant melon. August 2018, MSc. Vinh started sowing the first melon crop.
MSc Vinh said that in order to effectively cultivate melon, it is necessary to invest in a standard net house with a combination of drip irrigation system. According to calculations by MSc. Vinh, the initial investment cost for 1,000 m² of melon planting land is about VND 300 million (including land rent, net house investment and drip irrigation system); while the production cost for a melon crop is about 75 million dong.
In terms of cultivation techniques, after 10 days of incubation, seedlings are planted on land covered with plastic with a density of 2,500 – 2,700 trees / 1,000 m², using a drip irrigation system combined with fertilizing every day (mixed fertilizer). into irrigation water like hydroponic planting). After 28 days of planting, the melon is conducted to pollinate. About pests, melon often suffer from a number of diseases such as: White chalk on the leaves, rotten ropes, mushy, cracked trunk, melted plastic …
For powdery mildew, MSc. Vinh used a special medicine to spray. According to experience of MSc. Vinh, if well performing the task of disinfection, disinfection (cleaning up rubbish, spreading lime, spraying disinfectant …) at the beginning of the crop; At the same time, regular monitoring, inspection and timely handling measures, can minimize the remaining number of diseases on the melon, especially wire damage, fruit rot disease.
To do this well, MSc. Vinh hired 2 employees to regularly check, monitor pests, fertilize, trim leaves, trim fruits …
The time from sowing to harvesting of melon is from 65 to 70 days, due to the correct application of cultivation techniques, the percentage of melon fruit of type 1 (over 1.2 kg / fruit) accounts for over 80%. The first case, MSc. Vinh harvested 3 tons of fruit, sold for 27,000 – 35,000 VND / kg, after deducting the cost of interest of about 30 million VND.
About varieties, MSc. Vinh uses the TL3 variety of Chanh Phong Agricultural Company Limited (Ho Chi Minh City) with many advantages such as: High yield, good disease resistance, melon with orange flesh, a sweet taste, so it is very marketable. Popularity.
After successive cultivation of 3 melon crops on the first leased land, MSc. Vinh continues to rent an additional 2,000 m² to expand the cultivated area. Currently, the second net house is preparing to harvest the first crop, the third net house is under construction.
According to MSc. Vinh, at the end of the 5-year depreciation period (corresponding to the time of land lease), the old steel frame steel frame can be used to reinvest in the new net house at a cost of only 40% – 50% compared to New investment, so from the second round of investment (sixth year), investment efficiency will increase due to the reduction of initial investment costs.
“The cultivation of melon in the membrane helps to limit pests, so the use of pesticides is also minimized. This helps to improve production efficiency and ensure consumer health.However, in reality, there are many cases where the farmers do not apply the correct farming techniques as well as not implement them. good care steps lead to failure, loss ”- MSc. Vinh shared.



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