Master of Biology offers to save chrysanthemum garden from virus disease

Chrysanthemum growers in Da Lat are reeling, losses due to virus streaking raging devastating flower gardens. Biological products made by Enzim technology by Mr. Nguyen Phuoc (Loc Son ward, Bao Loc city, Lam Dong) have changed the environment, causing the virus not to spread and destroy the plants. From career blood to SMART MOTHER EM […]

Growing melon in the house: Unexpected effect

MSc Tran Le Vinh (lecturer of Tien Giang University) has studied and applied the drip irrigation system in combination with investing in a membrane to successfully cultivate melon. Realizing that the model of melon planting brings high economic efficiency, so from 1,000 m² of initial test land, till now Ths. Vinh has expanded its melon […]