F1 666 hybrid watermelon

<strong>Quality according to standards: TCN 471-2003</strong>

<strong>♦ Cleanliness (% mass)≥ 99%</strong>

<strong>♦ Germination (% of seeds) ≥ 80%</strong>

<strong>♦ Moisture content (% weight) ≤ 8%</strong>

Characteristics: Strong growth. Good disease resistance, grown year round. The fruit is long, weighs 3-4kg, the crust is green with a dull stripe, the bowel is very red, the taste is sweet and fragrant.
Cultivation: 01 ha requires 0.4 kg of seed. Dry seeds outside in the sun for 1 hour, let them cool, soak in warm water (2 boils 3 cold) 7-8 hours, rinse and then incubate for cracking, then sow or directly, each hole is 1 seed. Planting distance: tree spacing: 0.4-0.45m, double row x double row: 5m density from 900-1000 plants / 1000m2.
Fertilization: Each hectare apply 600 kg of lime, 15-20 m3 of manure, 50 kg of DAP, and 880 kg of NPK, 180 kg of Kcl divided into fertilizer and 3 times of top dressing. Add micronutrients: MgSO4 (8kg), ZnSO4 (3kg), CuSO4 (3kg), MnSO4 (3kg) and BOric (2.5kg).
Care: Before pollination, trim the swim branch (level 3) should leave 1 main line and 1 paddle. Pollination should be done from the third female onwards.
Harvest: ime to start collecting fruits 55-60 days after sowing. Yield 26-40 tons/ha.
As hybrids, farmers should not leave seeds for the next crop.
Note: Treated seeds – Store in a cool place. Shelf-life is only valid when the packaging is intact.