Suffering through F1 699

Quality according to standard: TCCS 4204-09

♦ Cleanliness (% mass) ≥ 99%

♦ Germination (% of seeds) ≥ 80%

♦ Moisture content (% weight) ≤ 8%

Characteristics: Strong growth. Good disease resistance, grown year round. The fruit is 20-22 cm long, medium green, big spines, shiny skin, hard meat, good transport and suitable consumer tastes.
Sowing: ow 4-5 kg ​​of seeds / ha. Incubate cracked seeds, sow 1 seed / hole, distance (1.2-1.4m) x (0.4-0.5m). Sprinkle ants (Basudin) and water Rorval to prevent the disease.
Making rigs: Need to make rigs higher than 2m.
Fertilization: ach hectare needs to apply 500-1000 kg of lime, 20-30 m3 of manure, 100 kg of Urea, 200 kg of DAP, and 1000 kg of NPK 20-20-15, divide it into basal fertilizer (lime, manure and 40% NPK), and 2 times top dressing (20 and 33 days after sowing).
Care: Deep prevention and pest control by Sherpa, Confidor, Regent, Polytrin, Oncol. Prevention with Rorval, Forexyl 35WP, Bavistin, Curzate, Rodomil,..
Harvesting: The harvest start time is 32-35 days after sowing. Extended collection time. High yield of 35-40 tons/ha.
As hybrids, farmers should not leave seeds for the next crop.
Note: Treated seeds – Store in a cool place. Shelf-life is only valid when the packaging is intact.