High-yielding shrug salad

Quality according to standard: TCCS 4505-09

♦ Cleanliness (% mass) ≥ 98%

♦ Germination (% of seeds) ≥ 80%

♦ Moisture content (% mass) ≤ 7%

Characteristics: Strong growth. Good disease resistance, suitable for many different climatic zones. Big leaves, delicious and sweet taste.
Cultivation: he amount of seed needed is 0.3-0.5 kg / ha, when sowing, it should be treated with furadan or Basidun seed. When seedlings 3-4 real leaves (16-20 days after sowing), transplant into beds. 1.2m wide beds transplant 5 rows. Planting in the dry season, need 2-3 times a day for enough moisture.
Fertilization: SAfter 1 week after transplanting, apply 400-600 kg / ha of NPK fertilizer (16-16-8) and combine to stir up and scatter, 3 weeks after transplanting, apply 300kg of NPK 20-20-15 fertilizer.
Pests and diseases: Lettuce often has small leaf spot disease, so it is sprayed Ridomil, Mancozeb to prevent, spraying root rot disease, Kasuran.
Preventing insects from eating leaf spray Vertimec, Danitol, Sherzol,..
Harvesting: Starting time is 30-35 days after sowing. Yield 20-25 tons/ha.
As hybrids, farmers should not leave seeds for the next crop.
Note: Treated seeds – Store in a cool place. Shelf-life is only valid when the packaging is intact.