Sweet mustard MN 02

Quality according to standard: TCCS 4103-09

  • ♦ Cleanliness (% mass) ≥ 98%
  • ♦ Germination (% of seeds) ≥ 85%
  • ♦ Moisture content (% mass) ≤ 7%

Characteristics: Strong growth, good pest resistance. The leaves are green, thick, and slightly flat..
Planting: 1000 m2 of soil requires 300g of seed. Mix seeds with fine sand to sow evenly. Sowing, cover with thin soil and straw before watering. Transplant when 18-20 days old plants, 15 x 15 cm distance from the tree.
Fertilizers and pest prevention: distributed to 1000 m2 of the whole crop including 50kg lime, 2 m2 decomposed animal manure, 30 kg NPK, 8 kg DAP, 8-10 kg Urea. Applying pre-plow lime, fertilizing 20-25 kg of NPK with pre-planted manure, 5 kg of remaining NPK applied 12 days after transplanting. Urea and DAP diluted to irrigate 4-5 times, 3-4 days / time, first 5 days after transplanting. After sowing, transplanting, spreading Regent, Furadan, preventing ants, deep soil; Rovral spray, Benlate-C, Foraxyl, Ridomil, Aliette, to prevent disease. Spray Ofunack, Delfin, Regent, BT, Polytrin, .. to prevent worms.
Harvest: Harvesting time starts from 40-45 days after sowing, 25-30 days after planting. High yield 25-30 tons/ha.
Note: Treated seeds – Store in a cool place. Shelf-life is only valid when the packaging is intact.